Postural Modifications- Top rated treatment for lower back pain

In my research for the best lower back pain remedies, I discovered a review done by Crowdsourcing which nominated this treatment using the Gokhale, Method or ‘ Primal Posture ‘as the number one most successful remedy. This awareness technique was developed by Esther Gokhale, An Acupuncturist and yoga instructor.

Who would have seriously considered that by paying attention to one’s posture in sitting, standing, walking, lifting and sleeping lower back pain could be reduced and even eliminated.

What is the Gokhale Technique?:

It facilitates re-learning new posture-modified approaches to several areas of everyday life. A series of healthy postures and movements are used in helping individuals to restore their structural integrity in order to regain and enjoy a pain-free life.

Emphasis is placed on the root cause of most muscle and joint pain. Based on research done in the USA, it was noted that 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their life. Also, back pain is now the leading cause of disability in persons under 45 years, and more than 60% of adolescents have experienced back or neck pain by age 15.

Depending on your cultural practices you may have to relearn how to sit, stand, walk, sleep and bend in order to protect and strengthen your body instead of weakening it.

Practicing This Technique:

Walking is exemplified as a series of smooth forward propulsion, known as glide walking. In so doing the weight bearing joints throughout the body are spared while the lower body muscles are challenged.

When you bend, you should do so from the hip and not the waist thereby exercising the long muscle, and at the same time sparing the spinal disc and ligaments. When we carry objects or twist our spinal structures are challenged as deep layers of abdominal and ball muscles are involved which help to protect the spine.

With or without a back rest stretch siting or tall sitting makes sitting comfortable. By incorporating stretch lying on your back or side, you leverage hours of restorative sleep. This I can attest to from personal experience. Stretching on your back is indeed very comfortable and your sleep is sweet.

Standing, typified as tall standing facilitates resting positions for the majority of your body muscles. This means you are not slumping.

Benefits of this technique:

This awareness technique underlines that a re-learning of these daily actions will not only re-position, but reshape your shoulders, arms, neck, torso pelvis, hips, legs and feet the way they were designed to be, hence-‘primal posture’ .

We are encouraged to integrate these principles into our positions and movements, thereby promoting a therapeutic daily activities routine. In the Crowdsourcing review conducted many persons lauded this method as being very practical and easily incorporated in their daily activities.

There were also reports of reduced back and neck pain or its complete elimination. Sleeping on back improved sleep, and a medical doctor even described it as ‘revolutionary self-care’.

There were also reports of increased energy, flexibility and stress reduction as well as improvement in physical appearance. Also, lauded under this method were some simple posture lessons from a cat.

Some Simple Posture lessons from a cat:

  • Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch, especially when sitting down or at the computer for long periods.
  • Sit up tall and remember to stretch out on your side or on your back when lying down
  • Take time to play and exercise and bend at the hips.
  • Sleep on pillows or hard surfaces. Great strength requires great rest.
  • Sometimes push your limit of strength and incorporate movement, patience and persistence
  • Enjoy yourself- surround yourself with loved ones
  • Take special moments to just relax.

Unknowingly as I look back over my school and college days, I distinctly remember my mother’s constant reminder to us as children sit upright, IE, sit tall around the dining table, and to stand tall and not slump our shoulders .

Indeed, we have seen that as we get older these ‘primal postures’ do pay off as we continue to incorporate them into our daily activities naturally. Especially in our fast paced society these days, we sometimes need to get back to some very basics of life in order to keep our health in check.

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