Exercises for Lower Back pain

Research has shown that there are several exercises which not only strengthen the lower back but also cure and prevent the pain. We will be examining the benefits of regular walking exercise, ball exercise combined with a number of stretches all of which are beneficial for lower back pain.

Regular Walking Exercise:

Regular walking has been one of the oldest forms of exercise which kept many of us at a maximum healthy form when we had little or no option and it continues to be seen as still the overall best and most economical form of exercise for many persons. It also facilitates an effective way of weight control.

In addition to strengthening muscles in torso, legs and helps, walking promotes spinal stability at the same time, Your spinal structures are nourished and circulation takes place, thereby draining toxins and nutrients are fed into your soft tissues.

When combined with regular stretching exercises walking improves your flexibility and posture both of which aid in smooth coordinated movement and the prevention of vulnerability of future injury. Increased walking promotes stronger bones at the same time minimizing on density loss and osteoporosis[Osteoarthritis may also be prevented.

Exercise or Physio Ball Therapy.
exercise ball therapy

In search of treatment options for lower back issues, this method forms a part of the rehabilitation programme and Physical therapists recommend that it is wise to start with small and gentle movements, This exercise tool stabilizes, strengthen and develop core body muscles in the back,

Research has also shown that with continued use of this ball an individual unconsciously builds strength in important abdominal and back muscles. These muscles are used to maintain balance on the ball are becoming stronger mainly due to the fact that your body responds routinely and automatically to the ball’s instability

This exercise Ball facilitates an awareness technique which enhances the body’s natural awareness, in particular you hand and feet as it relates to space. This in turn results in increased balance and stability.

Some Benefits of Exercising for persons with lower back pain:

  • Persons are able to use some simple and easy methods of movements after their back pain issue.
  • Muscle strength is enhanced
  • They experience increased flexibility and movement of their spine.
  • The strain on their lower back is reduced as a result of improved balance and coordination of core muscle groups.
  • The exercise ball also facilitates stabilization of the spine and proper posture control;
  • Being able to maintain a neutral spine position during the exercise is increased

Some recommended stretches for lower back pain:

Bridges – work the largest muscle of the buttocks, the gluteus maximus, mainly via hip movements found in squats.

Knee to chest stretches, pelvic tilts, lying lateral leg lifts all enable flexibility and release tight back muscles. The latter are said to work the hip abductor muscles which support the pelvic and at the same time aids in reducing back strain.

Cat stretches or superman s help to strengthen your back ex tensor muscles which are found along the sides of your spine. There are also others such as the seated back, rotational stretches, draw in maneuvers, partial curls and curls both of which build a strong core thereby promoting stability and keeps lower back pain away

In addition to these stretches and exercises, it is recommended that persons experiencing lower back pain ought to pay attention to not just their general posture, but how they lift and carry weights or heavy objects such as a big pail of heavy wet clothes on one side. This will help to identify possibly responses and movements in addressing lower back pain issues.

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