Does Acupuncture work for back pain?

As we continue to explore several treatments for lower back pain, we now consider acupuncture and its benefits. Does it really help with lower back issues and is it a safe remedy?

What is Acupuncture?

This can be defined as an old Chinese holistic approach practiced for over two thousand five hundred years to combat pain. It has been lauded by some persons as the ‘miracle’ treatment for all maladies ranging from depression to other chronic issues.

According to a licensed Acupuncturist who holds a MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine specific points on the skin are triggered minimally with needles in order to stimulate nerve rich surface areas. In this way several body functions, tissues, glands and organs are positively impacted.

The Philosophy behind Acupuncture:

It is interesting to note that although acupuncture is proposed as medicinal treatment, it does not have its traditional foundation in Science and medicine. Research shows the Chinese as mainly adopting this practice via their view of humanity which they see as controlled by an invisible life giving force called ‘qi’ .

This shared belief is cushioned in a healthy ‘qi’ producing good mental and physical health, but when the opposite takes place your ‘qi’ becomes deficient which results in illness.

We can all relate to how our own bodies work and this is generally reflected in our mental and physical well-being. Therefore, this concept of ‘qi’ is not a far-fetched idea. Hence, the purpose of Acupuncture is basically to aid a person in gaining and maintaining balance or ‘qi’ as a remedy for many maladies.

Possible ways by which Acupuncture work for back pain:

Nervous system stimulant: This takes place when chemicals are released from the spinal cord, muscles and brain as trigger points are stimulated via acupuncture.

Opioid-Like or pain relieving chemicals produced in the body may also be released. These chemicals are naturally formed in the body and share like properties to opioid pain relievers, (ex. morphine)

Neurotransmitters: These are hormones that regulate the on and off mechanism of several nerve endings and are also released via acupuncture which may stimulate some nerves that stop pain in the body.

Electromagnetic impulses are also triggered. In this way endorphins are released and body’s way of handling pain is accelerated.

Acupuncture bot only provides relief for back pain but also addresses other related conditions which may be as a result of back pain such as insomnia and migraines. Reflexologists often give insight on certain acupuncture points on the body which when targeted could affect relief.

Research has shown that acupuncture treatment for back pain has rendered laudable and successful results especially for persons with chronic lower back pain. When compared with some medications, very little risks or side effects were seen

Looks can sometimes be deceiving as pictures depicting the procedure of acupuncture usually seem frightening and intimidating. However, It is my belief that proper consultation from a certified Acupuncturist could minimize and dispel fears of individuals who may choose this treatment.

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