Postural Modifications- Top rated treatment for lower back pain

In my research for the best lower back pain remedies, I discovered a review done by Crowdsourcing which nominated this treatment using the Gokhale, Method or ‘ Primal Posture ‘as the number one most successful remedy. This awareness technique was developed by Esther Gokhale, An Acupuncturist and yoga instructor.

Who would have seriously considered that by paying attention to one’s posture in sitting, standing, walking, lifting and sleeping lower back pain could be reduced and even eliminated.

What is the Gokhale Technique?:

It facilitates re-learning new posture-modified approaches to several areas of everyday life. A series of healthy postures and movements are used in helping individuals to restore their structural integrity in order to regain and enjoy a pain-free life.

Emphasis is placed on the root cause of most muscle and joint pain. Based on research done in the USA, it was noted that 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their life. Also, back pain is now the leading cause of disability in persons under 45 years, and more than 60% of adolescents have experienced back or neck pain by age 15.

Depending on your cultural practices you may have to relearn how to sit, stand, walk, sleep and bend in order to protect and strengthen your body instead of weakening it.

Practicing This Technique:

Walking is exemplified as a series of smooth forward propulsion, known as glide walking. In so doing the weight bearing joints throughout the body are spared while the lower body muscles are challenged.

When you bend, you should do so from the hip and not the waist thereby exercising the long muscle, and at the same time sparing the spinal disc and ligaments. When we carry objects or twist our spinal structures are challenged as deep layers of abdominal and ball muscles are involved which help to protect the spine.

With or without a back rest stretch siting or tall sitting makes sitting comfortable. By incorporating stretch lying on your back or side, you leverage hours of restorative sleep. This I can attest to from personal experience. Stretching on your back is indeed very comfortable and your sleep is sweet.

Standing, typified as tall standing facilitates resting positions for the majority of your body muscles. This means you are not slumping.

Benefits of this technique:

This awareness technique underlines that a re-learning of these daily actions will not only re-position, but reshape your shoulders, arms, neck, torso pelvis, hips, legs and feet the way they were designed to be, hence-‘primal posture’ .

We are encouraged to integrate these principles into our positions and movements, thereby promoting a therapeutic daily activities routine. In the Crowdsourcing review conducted many persons lauded this method as being very practical and easily incorporated in their daily activities.

There were also reports of reduced back and neck pain or its complete elimination. Sleeping on back improved sleep, and a medical doctor even described it as ‘revolutionary self-care’.

There were also reports of increased energy, flexibility and stress reduction as well as improvement in physical appearance. Also, lauded under this method were some simple posture lessons from a cat.

Some Simple Posture lessons from a cat:

  • Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch, especially when sitting down or at the computer for long periods.
  • Sit up tall and remember to stretch out on your side or on your back when lying down
  • Take time to play and exercise and bend at the hips.
  • Sleep on pillows or hard surfaces. Great strength requires great rest.
  • Sometimes push your limit of strength and incorporate movement, patience and persistence
  • Enjoy yourself- surround yourself with loved ones
  • Take special moments to just relax.

Unknowingly as I look back over my school and college days, I distinctly remember my mother’s constant reminder to us as children sit upright, IE, sit tall around the dining table, and to stand tall and not slump our shoulders .

Indeed, we have seen that as we get older these ‘primal postures’ do pay off as we continue to incorporate them into our daily activities naturally. Especially in our fast paced society these days, we sometimes need to get back to some very basics of life in order to keep our health in check.

Exercises for Lower Back pain

Research has shown that there are several exercises which not only strengthen the lower back but also cure and prevent the pain. We will be examining the benefits of regular walking exercise, ball exercise combined with a number of stretches all of which are beneficial for lower back pain.

Regular Walking Exercise:

Regular walking has been one of the oldest forms of exercise which kept many of us at a maximum healthy form when we had little or no option and it continues to be seen as still the overall best and most economical form of exercise for many persons. It also facilitates an effective way of weight control.

In addition to strengthening muscles in torso, legs and helps, walking promotes spinal stability at the same time, Your spinal structures are nourished and circulation takes place, thereby draining toxins and nutrients are fed into your soft tissues.

When combined with regular stretching exercises walking improves your flexibility and posture both of which aid in smooth coordinated movement and the prevention of vulnerability of future injury. Increased walking promotes stronger bones at the same time minimizing on density loss and osteoporosis[Osteoarthritis may also be prevented.

Exercise or Physio Ball Therapy.
exercise ball therapy

In search of treatment options for lower back issues, this method forms a part of the rehabilitation programme and Physical therapists recommend that it is wise to start with small and gentle movements, This exercise tool stabilizes, strengthen and develop core body muscles in the back,

Research has also shown that with continued use of this ball an individual unconsciously builds strength in important abdominal and back muscles. These muscles are used to maintain balance on the ball are becoming stronger mainly due to the fact that your body responds routinely and automatically to the ball’s instability

This exercise Ball facilitates an awareness technique which enhances the body’s natural awareness, in particular you hand and feet as it relates to space. This in turn results in increased balance and stability.

Some Benefits of Exercising for persons with lower back pain:

  • Persons are able to use some simple and easy methods of movements after their back pain issue.
  • Muscle strength is enhanced
  • They experience increased flexibility and movement of their spine.
  • The strain on their lower back is reduced as a result of improved balance and coordination of core muscle groups.
  • The exercise ball also facilitates stabilization of the spine and proper posture control;
  • Being able to maintain a neutral spine position during the exercise is increased

Some recommended stretches for lower back pain:

Bridges – work the largest muscle of the buttocks, the gluteus maximus, mainly via hip movements found in squats.

Knee to chest stretches, pelvic tilts, lying lateral leg lifts all enable flexibility and release tight back muscles. The latter are said to work the hip abductor muscles which support the pelvic and at the same time aids in reducing back strain.

Cat stretches or superman s help to strengthen your back ex tensor muscles which are found along the sides of your spine. There are also others such as the seated back, rotational stretches, draw in maneuvers, partial curls and curls both of which build a strong core thereby promoting stability and keeps lower back pain away

In addition to these stretches and exercises, it is recommended that persons experiencing lower back pain ought to pay attention to not just their general posture, but how they lift and carry weights or heavy objects such as a big pail of heavy wet clothes on one side. This will help to identify possibly responses and movements in addressing lower back pain issues.

Does Acupuncture work for back pain?

As we continue to explore several treatments for lower back pain, we now consider acupuncture and its benefits. Does it really help with lower back issues and is it a safe remedy?

What is Acupuncture?

This can be defined as an old Chinese holistic approach practiced for over two thousand five hundred years to combat pain. It has been lauded by some persons as the ‘miracle’ treatment for all maladies ranging from depression to other chronic issues.

According to a licensed Acupuncturist who holds a MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine specific points on the skin are triggered minimally with needles in order to stimulate nerve rich surface areas. In this way several body functions, tissues, glands and organs are positively impacted.

The Philosophy behind Acupuncture:

It is interesting to note that although acupuncture is proposed as medicinal treatment, it does not have its traditional foundation in Science and medicine. Research shows the Chinese as mainly adopting this practice via their view of humanity which they see as controlled by an invisible life giving force called ‘qi’ .

This shared belief is cushioned in a healthy ‘qi’ producing good mental and physical health, but when the opposite takes place your ‘qi’ becomes deficient which results in illness.

We can all relate to how our own bodies work and this is generally reflected in our mental and physical well-being. Therefore, this concept of ‘qi’ is not a far-fetched idea. Hence, the purpose of Acupuncture is basically to aid a person in gaining and maintaining balance or ‘qi’ as a remedy for many maladies.

Possible ways by which Acupuncture work for back pain:

Nervous system stimulant: This takes place when chemicals are released from the spinal cord, muscles and brain as trigger points are stimulated via acupuncture.

Opioid-Like or pain relieving chemicals produced in the body may also be released. These chemicals are naturally formed in the body and share like properties to opioid pain relievers, (ex. morphine)

Neurotransmitters: These are hormones that regulate the on and off mechanism of several nerve endings and are also released via acupuncture which may stimulate some nerves that stop pain in the body.

Electromagnetic impulses are also triggered. In this way endorphins are released and body’s way of handling pain is accelerated.

Acupuncture bot only provides relief for back pain but also addresses other related conditions which may be as a result of back pain such as insomnia and migraines. Reflexologists often give insight on certain acupuncture points on the body which when targeted could affect relief.

Research has shown that acupuncture treatment for back pain has rendered laudable and successful results especially for persons with chronic lower back pain. When compared with some medications, very little risks or side effects were seen

Looks can sometimes be deceiving as pictures depicting the procedure of acupuncture usually seem frightening and intimidating. However, It is my belief that proper consultation from a certified Acupuncturist could minimize and dispel fears of individuals who may choose this treatment.

Benefits of Strengthening Core muscles

As we continue to explore best cures for lower back pain, research has shown that there are certain factors to consider such as the strengthening of the lower back mainly by giving special attention to building a strong core. This is done by strengthening group of muscles called our core muscles.

Core Muscles: Their importance:

Your body’s core is the midsection which comprises all muscles in that area. All these muscles must be strong enough in order to support your entire midsection, back and spine. These major core muscle groups work in tandem to promote even balance and coordination of strength which facilitate the carrying out of smooth daily activities with ease.


Of the over 600 muscles in the human body research has identified thirteen major muscle groups. One of the most important among the thirteen are the abdominal muscles also called rectus abdominis. This muscle forms a part of the core and comprises twenty-eight more muscles.


The transverse abdominus is said to be the deepest core muscle as well as a very important core muscle in maintaining a good posture. The multifidus although it is a small muscle its significance should not be overlooked. It travels up the length of the spine and is said to be a very important muscle in the rehabilitation of lower back pain.

Results of a Strong Core

It is noticed that as we age, a strong core is necessary in order to enjoy better balance and stability in our daily activities, helping to maintain functionality. Building muscle strength decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

This also combats bone density due to muscle loss. Research recommends that we participate in regular strengthening of the lower back, because we are not only strengthening our back muscles but also reducing our blood pressure, and increasing our calorie burn during the day

Mental boost is promoted improving your overall well-being as your feel better, more energized and alert with stress and tension released from your body. Your physical appearance is also enhanced. Research has also shown that strong abdominal muscles produce slimmer and trimmer midsection and waist which in turn lower ones risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


In emphasizing the need for core muscles strength certain core strengthening exercise can be highlighted in the areas of sit-ups, planks, kettle bell swings, push-ups, dead weight lift and others including yoga stretches.

Pilates is also recommended as a set of good core strengthening exercises in which emphasis s placed on three main areas: core stabilization, breathing and postural alignment and control. A strong core cannot be overemphasized for optimal performance of daily activities.


Treating Lower Back Pain-The Best Essential Oils

 Do  Essential Oils really help with back pain?

In our quest for optimal health we now explore the usage of some of the best essential oils researched and presented as another set of possible remedies for lower back pain.

More revelation and knowledge are emerging regarding essential oils and their usage in this Age of Enlightenment. They continue to play a pivotal role not just in our general well-being, but also in the treatment of specific ailments such as lower back aches.

Important pointers:

As we explore these oils, certain important considerations should be prioritized. We first need to ensure that our essential oils of the highest quality ranked among the top ten brands which include ‘Living Young’ and ‘Edens Garden’. Labels should be carefully read identifying the Latin name of the plant used to make the oil and the word ‘pure’ essential oil noted.

Nine Best Essential Oils:

We are now ready to select our best essential oils specifically for the treatment of lower back pain. Among the best ones identified are peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen, lemon grass, otherwise called ‘fever grass’, ginger oil, lavender, rosemary oil, Roman and German chamomile and sandalwood oils.

Some Therapeutic properties of Essential Oils:

These oils are considered the best due to some of their powerful and effectively proven properties which range from analgesic, antispasmodic, antioxidant to anti inflammatory. Ginger, rosemary and roman chamomile improve circulation with the latter two also reducing muscle cramping and aches.

Sandalwood and Roman chamomile promote relaxation, grounding and calm and are also effective in treating insomnia. Lemon grass blends well with peppermint essential oil and is often used for treating aches and pains.

Eucalyptus and rosemary oils are immune boosters, whereas peppermint oil constitutes mostly menthol and menthone. By nature peppermint oil is a stimulant, antispasmodic. Antimicrobial antioxidant and a powerful analgesic.

The Lavender oil, ‘ Lavandula Angustifolia’ dubbed a ‘ powerhouse’ essential oil due to its large quantities of multi components ranging from sedative, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, immune boosting to antispasmodic.

This essential oil should never be absent from your medicinal cabinet along with peppermint and eucalyptus. Growing up as a child I do remember that my mother always had these three oils in her medicine cabinet along with gentian violet.

All essential oils can be inhaled in aromatherapy, used in a bath, or massaged directly onto the back. However, before usage, it is best to dilute each oil with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. It would also be wise to test patch a small amount unto your skin before actual application. Once the oils are sufficiently diluted in their correct proportions, we should expect synergistic desired results.

At the same time one cannot be naive in thinking that essential oils are an end in themselves. Like any other remedies they normally work in tandem with treatments such as yoga back stretches, other lower back exercises’ chiropractic care where necessary, heat pads, ice packs, correct posture and an overall balanced holistic lifestyle. They can also be viewed as viable alternatives in the health domain where traditional medicine no longer produce ready and lasting solutions with little or no serious side effects.


About Melony

Hi everyone, welcome to my website : “Best treatments for lower back pain”.

About three and a half years ago I suffered a terrible back injure to my lower back. I visited the doctor only to learn that this

pain was the result of an injury to my sciatic nerve. Tablets recommended and taken did not help so I started researching my own cure as the doctor stated that this nerve would never heal.

A Little story about me:

For approximately one year I suffered tremendously with lower back pains which was possibly caused when I assisted someone to remove a refrigerator from my kitchen. When I sat down or got up I would be in a lot of pain which sometimes made me cry. I do believe that lower back pains are some of the worst pains one can experience. The receptionist in the doctor’s office also shared similar sentiments.

Once on my feet and doing normal business I was OK, not feeling any pain. Once I realized that the doctor could not assist me, I started seeking outside help. The receptionist at the doctor’s office told me that she was also suffering similar complaints like myself, but that she had been using turmeric to get some relief and this she stated was somewhat helpful in giving her some relief.

So I took her advice and started taking turmeric as well as using a heating pad and a hot water bottle. I would also travel with a small ice pack placed at my lower back as I drove to work each day. However, each time I got up or sat down the pain was intense and sometime brought tears. I can even remember the very first time I visited the doctor, it took me quite some time to get out of the car because of the pain I was experiencing

At the suggestion of one of my sisters I did one month of ‘hot yoga ‘ 90 minutes classes three days a week, but this was to no avail in terms of stopping the pain. Other remedies such as pain relief lotions, creams and ointments were applied, but with not much lasting results. However, I found that yoga stretches outside of a hot room were sometime helpful in relieving the pain.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Further research led me into the usage of essential oils for lower back pains. Mixing a number of these oils proved helpful as the pain was arrested, but I had to be careful in not aggravating it by the lifting of heavy objects or by putting any form of strain on my lower back. This situation also underlined the importance of correct posture especially in sitting as well as exercise which has been a regular feature of my life. Again I had to ensure that the exercise was corrective and not harmful to my lower back, like the lifting of heavy weights.

The goal of this website is to research and share with others all the possible best treatments for lower back issues.

At the same time highlighting some practical behavioral practices and habits which also play a crucial role in the healthy functioning of the lower back, the sciatic nerve and the overall effects on the immune system . It will also be important to do a more in depth research on essentials oils which play an important role in maintaining healthy body functions, especially lower pain free backs.

So, I welcome you to enjoy, learn, share and discover, a variety of some of the best treatments for lower back pain which interrupt ‘ la joie de vivre‘ in this journey of life. It is said that the body was made to heal itself, therefore, I do believe that with the application of a balanced healthy lifestyle and correct treatments lower back pains as well as the sciatic nerve can be healed.

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