Benefits of Strengthening Core muscles

As we continue to explore best cures for lower back pain, research has shown that there are certain factors to consider such as the strengthening of the lower back mainly by giving special attention to building a strong core. This is done by strengthening group of muscles called our core muscles.

Core Muscles: Their importance:

Your body’s core is the midsection which comprises all muscles in that area. All these muscles must be strong enough in order to support your entire midsection, back and spine. These major core muscle groups work in tandem to promote even balance and coordination of strength which facilitate the carrying out of smooth daily activities with ease.


Of the over 600 muscles in the human body research has identified thirteen major muscle groups. One of the most important among the thirteen are the abdominal muscles also called rectus abdominis. This muscle forms a part of the core and comprises twenty-eight more muscles.


The transverse abdominus is said to be the deepest core muscle as well as a very important core muscle in maintaining a good posture. The multifidus although it is a small muscle its significance should not be overlooked. It travels up the length of the spine and is said to be a very important muscle in the rehabilitation of lower back pain.

Results of a Strong Core

It is noticed that as we age, a strong core is necessary in order to enjoy better balance and stability in our daily activities, helping to maintain functionality. Building muscle strength decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

This also combats bone density due to muscle loss. Research recommends that we participate in regular strengthening of the lower back, because we are not only strengthening our back muscles but also reducing our blood pressure, and increasing our calorie burn during the day

Mental boost is promoted improving your overall well-being as your feel better, more energized and alert with stress and tension released from your body. Your physical appearance is also enhanced. Research has also shown that strong abdominal muscles produce slimmer and trimmer midsection and waist which in turn lower ones risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


In emphasizing the need for core muscles strength certain core strengthening exercise can be highlighted in the areas of sit-ups, planks, kettle bell swings, push-ups, dead weight lift and others including yoga stretches.

Pilates is also recommended as a set of good core strengthening exercises in which emphasis s placed on three main areas: core stabilization, breathing and postural alignment and control. A strong core cannot be overemphasized for optimal performance of daily activities.


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