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Hi everyone, welcome to my website : “Best treatments for lower back pain”.

About three and a half years ago I suffered a terrible back injure to my lower back. I visited the doctor only to learn that this

pain was the result of an injury to my sciatic nerve. Tablets recommended and taken did not help so I started researching my own cure as the doctor stated that this nerve would never heal.

A Little story about me:

For approximately one year I suffered tremendously with lower back pains which was possibly caused when I assisted someone to remove a refrigerator from my kitchen. When I sat down or got up I would be in a lot of pain which sometimes made me cry. I do believe that lower back pains are some of the worst pains one can experience. The receptionist in the doctor’s office also shared similar sentiments.

Once on my feet and doing normal business I was OK, not feeling any pain. Once I realized that the doctor could not assist me, I started seeking outside help. The receptionist at the doctor’s office told me that she was also suffering similar complaints like myself, but that she had been using turmeric to get some relief and this she stated was somewhat helpful in giving her some relief.

So I took her advice and started taking turmeric as well as using a heating pad and a hot water bottle. I would also travel with a small ice pack placed at my lower back as I drove to work each day. However, each time I got up or sat down the pain was intense and sometime brought tears. I can even remember the very first time I visited the doctor, it took me quite some time to get out of the car because of the pain I was experiencing

At the suggestion of one of my sisters I did one month of ‘hot yoga ‘ 90 minutes classes three days a week, but this was to no avail in terms of stopping the pain. Other remedies such as pain relief lotions, creams and ointments were applied, but with not much lasting results. However, I found that yoga stretches outside of a hot room were sometime helpful in relieving the pain.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Further research led me into the usage of essential oils for lower back pains. Mixing a number of these oils proved helpful as the pain was arrested, but I had to be careful in not aggravating it by the lifting of heavy objects or by putting any form of strain on my lower back. This situation also underlined the importance of correct posture especially in sitting as well as exercise which has been a regular feature of my life. Again I had to ensure that the exercise was corrective and not harmful to my lower back, like the lifting of heavy weights.

The goal of this website is to research and share with others all the possible best treatments for lower back issues.

At the same time highlighting some practical behavioral practices and habits which also play a crucial role in the healthy functioning of the lower back, the sciatic nerve and the overall effects on the immune system . It will also be important to do a more in depth research on essentials oils which play an important role in maintaining healthy body functions, especially lower pain free backs.

So, I welcome you to enjoy, learn, share and discover, a variety of some of the best treatments for lower back pain which interrupt ‘ la joie de vivre‘ in this journey of life. It is said that the body was made to heal itself, therefore, I do believe that with the application of a balanced healthy lifestyle and correct treatments lower back pains as well as the sciatic nerve can be healed.

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